Cleaning Tips

Spot Cleaning Solutions

How to spot clean. The chart to the right shows how to tackle different stains. Also see the CRI Residential Cleaning and Maintenance page.

Spot Cleaning Devices

One of the most important thing about carpet is to get a carpet spot cleaning device. A few of our clients have used them and been very pleased. All Type Vacuum Company at Fee Fee and Olive in Creve Coeur carries a Hoover spot cleaner. They also have a good repair shop. They sell a scotchguard type protectant as well.


We recommend the reapplication of scotchguard in main traffic areas each time you steam clean. Scotchguard helps keep your carpet more resistant to soil and dirt.

How to use the Spot Removal Chart

  1. Look on the left side of the chart to locate the type of spot or stain to be removed.
  2. Across the top of the chart, see the appropriate methods of removing a spot or stain.
  3. Once type of spot or stain is located, look in the center of the chart and follow along the type of spot or stain doing step 1 first, then, if needed, step 2, and so on.
  4. Follow the steps in order until spot or stain is removed. If the first step removes the spot or stain, it isn’t necessary to move to the next step.
    Remember: rinse, rinse, rinse.